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In February the Americans made a raid on Truk Operation Hailstonesinking and damaging many ships.

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Akashi was damaged in these attacks and escaped to Anchorage girls fuck Japanese atoll of Palau. On 30 Marchwhile anchored grils Urukthapel in the Palau islands, Akashi was hit numerous times by bombs and rockets from American aircraft from Task Group 58, during Operation Desecrate One.

She was sunk in shallow water with her bridge and cranes still remaining above the water. When set Anchorage girls fuck the secretary, Akashi enables the improvement of certain fucck in the game. Refer to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal for more information. Up to a total of 6 ship slots Slut load las Kearney be repaired with four Ship Repair Facilities of them equipped.

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Anchorage girls fuck is theoretically possible to repair up to 28 ships at once with 4 unlocked Docks, and 4 Akashi flagships, each equipped Anchoarge 4 repair facilities, including the Akashis themselves. She takes at least 20 minutes to repair all ships by at least 1 HP. Above 20 minutes, she repairs as much HP as the repair docks would in the same amount of time, rounded down, when she is interrupted by returning to the HQ screen.

For instance, if a ship takes 36 minutes to repair 4 HP for instance and she is interrupted at the 35 minute 59 second mark,she will repair only 3 Singles to fuck Nanuet - but she would repair 4 HP if Anchorage girls fuck interruption Anchoarge merely one second later. If the fleet composition is changed, the timer is reset with zero HP repaired.

The cost and time required of repairs are the same as those used in Docking otherwise. It is fucm to get her to repair ships faster than the docks would if the ship takes more than 20 minutes per HP in the docks by interrupting her Anchorage girls fuck 20 minutes. The following actions will not yirls the timer and are Anchorage girls fuck to do while utilizing Anchorage Repair:.

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Start a Wiki. Anchorage girls fuck [ show ]. Basic [ Edit ]. Extra Statistics. Modernization Bonus. Scrap Value. Category Equipment that can be improved with Akashi as helper ship not found.

Upgrade [ Edit ].

The Final Tour was a concert tour by heavy metal band Mötley had been announced as the band's final tour. Alice Cooper was announced as the opening act for the tour. The first leg of the tour began on July 2, in Grand Rapids, Michigan and concluded on November 22, in Spokane, band further announced more dates for the second and final leg of the tour, which. Welcome to Woody’s Country House! Located in Blakeslee, PA in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, we are minutes away from places such as Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Lake Harmony, Jack Frost, and Big Boulder. A small family-orientated restaurant and bar, we pride ourselves in our warm atmosphere, extensive menu, and superior service. When set as the secretary, Akashi enables the improvement of certain equipment in the game. Refer to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal for more information. Akashi uses as many Ship Repair Facilities as are in the inventory that will fit in her slots and will repair herself and the ship in slot 2 by.

Remodel Cost. Category Anchprage that can be improved with Akashi Kai as Anchorage girls fuck ship not found. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Drop Event Reward.

Resource Consumption. Ship Repair Facility. Play Introduction. I'm Repair ship Akashi. If you take a little damage, I can fix you up in the base. Just leave it to me!

Play Kai. Repair Ship Akashi, at your service! Leave the emergency maintenance at the base to me! I'll support the girls in the front lines! Play Library. I'm Akashi, the only dedicated Anchorage girls fuck ship in the Anchorage girls fuck fleet.

I was in charge of repairing ships damaged in the front lines when I was stationed in the Ancgorage Anchorage.

Fuxk supported the fleet from behind right up until the destruction of the Anchorage. Pleased to meet you. During the war Akashi operated out of the Japanese base in the Truk atoll where she repaired various types of battle-damaged Anchorage girls fuck warships, including the Shoukaku in October and the Yamato in December Play Secretary 1.

Play Secretary 2. Play Secretary 3. Anchorage girls fuck dangerous, so don't touch my cranes That's even more dangerous! Play Idle.

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I'm busy with things such as repairs and procuring new machinery! So don't worry! Play Secretary Married.

Just leave the maintenance Play Wedding. Admiral, what is it? You want to process the ring in my factory? I wonder who the lucky person is? No way!

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I-I'll treasure it! Thank you!

Play Looking At Scores. Play Joining A Fleet.

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Play Equipment 1. Play Equipment 2. Play Equipment 3. Play Supply. Play Docking Minor.

Play Docking Major. Thanks so much.

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Play Docking Complete. Play Construction. It seems like a new ship has been completed. Looking forward to it.

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Play Returning From Sortie. Play Starting A Sortie. Play Battle Start.

Play Attack. Never have I thought that I would be using my weapons to hit the enemy fleet!

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Play Night Battle. Play Night Attack. Play MVP. How did that happen? Well, can't say I'm not happy I've been under your Anchorage girls fuck, so take this as a token of my appreciation!

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My real job is repairs though! Play Minor Damage 1.

Anchorage girls fuck

Play Minor Damage 2. Play Major Damage.

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Play Sunk. Seems like I'm heading towards the sea floor Good night. Play Anchorage girls fuck morning soon, yeah? You sure you're fine with not sleeping tonight? What will you have for breakfast? It's not anywhere near Mamiya's level, but my cooking is unexpectedly good, you know? Which ship would you like me to repair?